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I received a message from a colleague, I worked with 12 years ago, stating that he wanted to thank me, as my help, tenacity, and drive made him take a leap of faith in himself. He faced his fears, move abroad for university, where he met his co-founder and now…

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unmotivated and burned out? Find your way back by following this step…

The documentary “My Octopus Teacher” available on Netflix, follows Craig Foster on his year-long journey, discovering the wonders of life, the intricacies of nature, the beauty of mother nature all seen alongside and through the eyes of one very special octopus. An octopus that will change his life and worldview…

Quotes from around the world series: motivation

This is part of my quotes series: pearls of wisdom, Love, Motivation and life lessons. Quotes can have a very powerful effect on its reader and can alter or enforce your beliefs and dreams. …

Quotes from around the world focusing on Love

This is part of my quotes series: Pearls of wisdom, rules for life, Love and Motivation. …

Quotes from around the world with a focus on rules of life

This is part of the quotes series, please read the others here: pearls of wisdom, Motivation, Love. The right quote can set you on a new path in life, it can strengthen your belief in something or even…

“What defines us, is how well we rise after we fall”.

A great speech or catchy phrase has the power to ignite a fire, end a war, give warmth to a wounded soul. It speaks to its listeners or readers, it touches them deep in their soul. It opens the pathway to the emotions of the reader and its writer. …

This is the second part to the Lonesome tiger poem, it is an analysis of a dear Friends character, wrapped into a little story.

Considering his air, one might think he could never be lost in the jungle, for he is so controlled and majestic. Yet, he is but a…

The power of the word No and how to make it your friend

There are many articles online about the power of the word NO. Briefly put, they either focus on two things:

1. Taking back your power by saying NO to things, people, jobs etc.; …

We are but puppets in a great game

In search of glory and fame

The price we need to pay for these dreams

At times are very high it seems

We go through life wanting and expecting

Yet fail to start detecting our mistakes and correcting

So many fall short…

Life as a child

Quite frankly it is rather mild

Worries and sorrows, one does not know

Parents make sure they do not show

Playtime is all year round

Running and dancing to every sound

Life is so kind and giving

Every moment is worth living

Then suddenly comes puberty


Storyteller, Entrepreneur, experimenting with philosophy writing about life’s journey

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